About Us
Vision & Mission

Since our founding in 1993, our key vision is to be a one-stop hub that delivers on ambitious business objectives via outdoor events, which include concerts, campaigns, sports programs, tradeshows and community projects.

  • We produce original contents, incorporate creativity, harness market research and surveys to deliver our goals.
  • We customize the promotion and marketing plans to help our clients make an impact in the market and reach out to their targeted group or untapped markets.
  • We maximize the returns for what our clients spend.
  • We do not compromise in committing to excellence in our performance and leaving positive footprints on our society.
Core Values
OUR Operational Philosophy 

Today’s competitive landscape heavily relies on innovation. Innovations often start with creative ideas that may or may not be grounded. The ones that become reality are those that solve very real problems or satisfy very real needs.

Desirability: We create projects that people want or need.
Feasibility: We make sure we have the resources to pursue the projects.
Viability: We create projects that are not only desirable and feasible, but enable our  partners and clients to achieve their goal manageably.
Sustainability:  We ensure that our projects do not affect the environment and society negatively in any way.


Every project we undertake, we will set a winning strategy for our team. We do everything in support of the strategy, and we set guidelines to ensure our team, partners and clients maximize benefits through the winning strategy.


We include “Contingency Plan” and an “Exit Plan” in every project. We will alert our clients of such a plan and make sure our reaction towards the emergencies do not surprise any party. No one likes the word “failure” and we do not like to plan for the likely outcome. For the benefit of our clients, we look at alternatives and opportunities for growth.